Advanced Care Specialists: We're Experts in Treating Patients Injured at Work

Over 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries take place every year in the United States. That’s 3.5 workers out of every 100. Fortunately, most states — including here in Wisconsin — require that businesses purchase workers’ compensation insurance, which ensures that your bills are covered in the event of an injury on the job. In fact, 94% of all workers are covered.

Unfortunately, people try to take advantage of workers’ compensation, and sometimes they succeed. Bogus claims add up to billions of dollars lost every year. Because of this, there’s a lot of paperwork and time involved in proving your truthful workers’ compensation claim.

But how can you handle your injury and workers’ compensation claim on top of all of your other responsibilities? The team at Advanced Care Specialists is here to help. In addition to our excellent medical care, we’re also workers’ compensation specialists and we can help you file your claim and get the benefits you need.

Getting started after the injury

Immediately after you’re injured, make sure to inform your supervisor, or if you’re unable, have someone else. Also note any witnesses and try to document any pertinent details. Make sure not to overstate your injury — your best shot at getting the compensation you deserve is full honesty.

Also note that you’re not governed by your employer’s insurance plan when seeking treatment for an injury on the job. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act allows you to go to a doctor of your choosing. With that in mind, Advanced Care Specialists is a good bet.

Our providers have diverse medical backgrounds and can treat any type of injury you’ve suffered. This can be helpful if you’re not exactly sure of the extent of your injury. If your injury need specialized care, we’ll manage your case to get you treatment almost immediately. Whether you need an MRI or are facing orthopedic or spinal surgery, we get you the consults you need in days, not weeks.  

Workers’ compensation experts

We know how to file workers’ compensation claims for both public and private sector employees. Our team is familiar with the Wisconsin-specific forms needed to file a claim, including all of the WKC forms. We can help you fight a disputed claim and, if necessary, work with your union to gain any additional benefits.

On a federal level, we’re well-versed on US Department of Labor rules and regulations. We can assist you in gathering all the forms and paperwork needed to file a federal workers’ compensation claim.

Medical experts

Our doctors at Advanced Care Specialists know what treatments are and aren’t covered by most workers’ compensation plans. We offer some of the following to those injured on the job:

We also have a strong referral base when you need specialized care.

When you’re hurt on the job, you need help that goes beyond medical expertise. At Advanced Care Specialists, we can treat you and help you get the workers’ compensation you deserve. Call our office today or request an appointment online.

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