Injured on the Job? 5 Reasons to Let Advanced Care Specialists Get You Back on Your Feet

Getting injured is not something anyone wants to go through, and sustaining an injury on the job can make things even more complicated.

At Advanced Care Specialists, our multidisciplinary rehabilitation specialists can help. We get you back on your feet without having to deal with workers’ comp on your own.

We are one of the few practices in the state where you’ll find medical professionals who specialize in multiple disciplines all in one clinic. And we’re also experts in helping federal employees navigate the process to get the care they need.

What should I do If I'm injured on the job?

If you’ve been injured on the job, it is important to alert your supervisor as soon as possible. The statute of limitations can vary from state to state, but it’s best to alert the appropriate personnel immediately.

Many states also mandate that the notice be given in writing, so it’s always a good idea to document your accident/injury. Be sure to note any witnesses, and read every form thoroughly before signing.

Who should I seek treatment from?  

Under under state law and the Federal Employees' Compensation Act, injured workers can choose their own certified doctor for treatment.

The team at Advanced Care Specialists is composed of multiple expert medical providers, all working together under one roof. We’re experts in workers’ comp injuries and working with the Department of Labor to get federal employees the care they need.

How can Advanced Care Specialists help?   

The team members at Advanced Care Specialists are trained to help you through the claims process and to provide total care and treatment for your injury. Here are the ways our team can help you with your work-related injury.

We are U.S. Department of Labor experts

The Advanced Care Specialists team’s training goes above and beyond state and local workers’ compensation programs. We know how to effectively document your injury to meet the standards of the law.

We offer a variety of treatment options

At Advanced Care Specialists, we offer many types of treatment options for your work-related injury, including physical rehabilitation, pain management, case management, onsite digital X-rays, and more.

We can assist federal employees with their case

As U.S. Department of Labor experts, we have the know-how to assist you with the required paperwork and documentation for your federal work injury case.

We can help with billing; getting the appropriate forms accepted, including traumatic injury claim (Form CA-1), occupational disease claim (Form CA-2), and recurrence of injury claims (Form CA-2a); as well as providing complete medical narratives and more.

If you’ve been injured on the job, the team at Advanced Care Specialists can assist you with everything from treatment to successfully filing your case.

Find out how we can help you with your work-related injury by calling our team at 262-204-7543 or reserving your consultation online today.


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