Most Common On-the-Job Injuries

Everyone who has a job is at risk, to some degree, of being injured doing that job. Obviously, some tasks are inherently more dangerous than others, but from paper cuts to lost limbs, anything can — and does — happen.

If and when you get hurt at work, we have you covered. At Advanced Care Specialists, our team of medical doctors and chiropractors have the combined skills to diagnose your injuries, treat your symptoms, and reduce your pain. We even help you navigate the worker’s compensation legal forms and paperwork associated with your work-related illness or injury, so all you have to do is focus on getting better.

The most common on-the-job injuries 

Of course, the best treatment for a work-related incident is to avoid it altogether, but accidents happen. Here are most frequently reported types of injuries:

Sprains and strains

Sprains are stretched or torn ligaments; strains are stretched or torn muscles or tendons. Whether you fall off a ladder, trip over loose carpet, or get knocked over by a shopping cart, you can easily injure the tissues in your legs, arms, and joints.

Achy back and sore muscles

Poor posture is a sure-fire way to end up with a backache, and if it’s the result of unsupportive, unergonomic office furniture, you may be a candidate for worker’s compensation. Follow best practices for proper positioning at your desk or while driving a vehicle for long hours.

Cuts and puncture wounds

You don’t need to work with box cutters and scissors to sustain a laceration — although those are definitely at the top of the dangerous-work-tools list. Letter openers, broken glass, and sharp edges on furniture are just a few of the many sources of cuts and punctures. 

If you see a hazard, report it to your superiors and do what you can to help others avoid it: Cover it with tape or post a warning sign.

The most common causes of on-the-job injuries 

While those top three injuries happen frequently in workplaces all over the country, they are not the only ones. Clearly, injuries of all levels of severity are possible under the right circumstances. And just what are those circumstances? 

According to the National Safety Council, here are the most common causes of the most common injuries.

Working too hard

That’s right: You can actually work too hard. Overexertion is one of the leading causes of at-work injuries, accounting for more than 33% of reported cases. Typically, you can avoid these accidents if you:

Objects on the move

You could be minding your own business sitting in a chair or standing in a hallway and still get hurt at work. Your job may be in a dangerous warehouse where heavy boxes could fall from great heights, or you might just be a desk jockey and get hit by an errant mail cart. Either way, things that hit you rank among the most common causes of injuries.

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t walk about distracted reading or texting. Use all your senses to detect and avoid danger.

Stumbling around

Blame it on a bumpy floor or chalk it up to your clumsy coordination, but either one can make you slip, trip, or fall at work. More than a quarter of all job-related accidents involve a fall, which you can generally prevent by keeping walking surfaces level, securing ladders, maintaining flooring transitions, and posting notices of hazardous areas.

The most common occupations for on-the-job injuries

As mentioned, injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, in any job, but some careers are more likely to land you in the ER than others. The top five are:

If you find yourself injured or sick because of something directly related to your line of work, we can help. Our first priority is to treat your injury. Our team of medical experts offers you comprehensive care that addresses your injury from ankle sprain to head wound. We couple that care with extensive knowledge about general worker’s compensation issues and even federal worker’s compensation

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